Eve Ellenbogen is a New York-born, formerly Australia-based Jewess comedian. (She scurried home during Covid, like a scared little American rat!)


Eve is the host of the podcast, "Everyone's Doing Better Than Me," and can be found as a guest on any podcast willing to have her. She is a real podcast slut, but in the empowered way. 

Eve has featured on Australia's Triple J's, Joy FM, RRR, Channel 31, and other places that make her sound somewhat impressive if you don't know a lot about the world of comedy. The point is, she's hilar.

Eve has performed multiple one-hour shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Adelaide Fringe, and the Sydney Comedy Festival. She did lots of gigs when people were allowed to laugh freely. 

Eve is now based in relatively close proximity to New York City. 


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